Flagship Director

Brand Story

This New Zealand-based brand sits at the forefront of the sustainable luxury fashion space. Each piece in this brand’s collections are made to be kept forever, embodying their commitment to creating a circular fashion industry and moving towards a better world.

Role Overview

UMENCO is recruiting a Flagship Director to join the Maggie Marilyn.

The Flagship Director will lead the Maggie Marilyn Sydney flagship store across commercial performance, client experience, team leadership, styling expertise, training, retail operations, and visual merchandising. They will consistently deliver outstanding product and client consultation, identify and champion their team’s collective and individual performance, and will present as an ambassador of the brand and its mission.

Across all of their interactions, the Flagship Director will embody a brand custodian role, building meaningful, lasting connections with clients in pursuit of fostering a community that is loyal to their boutique.

They will be an experienced retail and people leader who presents with a strong track record of success and an expertise in operational and clienteling excellence.

The talent we seek will lead and inspire the team to meet and exceed collective and individual objectives and targets and will demonstrate a passion for the brand, its purpose and the narratives that underpin each collection, translating the Maggie Marilyn story in inspiring and compelling ways.

They will present with expertise in styling and an authoritative understanding of how to connect with clients on an individual level.

They will demonstrate a passion for fostering and creating outstanding experiences for all clients and will balance this with strong organisational and retail systems skills.

In all that they do, they will uphold a commitment to personal presentation, with excellent interpersonal skills and composed, warm and mature manner.


Sydney, Australia


Are you the right person for this role? To confidentially apply, please send us a message and include your curriculum vitae and portfolio.