Senior Product Developer

Brand Story

This noted Australian fashion and lifestyle brand was founded in appreciation of considered design and refined simplicity. Its precise, restrained visual identity and minimalist approach to design has made its pieces wardrobe staples.

Role Overview

UMENCO is recruiting a detail-focused Senior Product Developer to join an Australian fashion brand that is grounded in an appreciation of considered design and refined simplicity.

In this role, the Senior Product Developer will extend their technical expertise across all of the development of seasonal product ranges for the brand.

They will be responsible for developing products of the highest standard and maintaining a customer perception aligned with outstanding value.

Through their work, they will consistently ensure that the brand vision and creative direction are at the forefront of their output, as well as constantly adhering to the brand’s quality, cost and safety standards, traceability strategy, and legal requirements.

The responsibilities of the Senior Product Developer will be to create technical packs for all new seasonal ranges, including bill of materials, specification sheets, construction guidelines, dye routes, and sourcing of fabrics and trims. They will also brief suppliers on any new developments and communicate clear timelines and costing expectations.

The Senior Product Developer will be able to effectively track samples and ensure that the critical path is always met.

They will be skilled at leading the fit development process from initial design concept to proto samples, through to salesman samples and pre-production samples, executing ranges in line with lead time and cost requirements.

The talent we seek will have experience building line sheet data including the style number, style name, dye routes, composition, FOB price, and RRP price.

They will also have a strong understanding of how to create care labels for each product, in line with Australian standards.

In this cross-functional position, the successful talent will support the production team in checking shipment samples for styling detail, measurements, fit, and adherence to commercial standards. They will also collaborate with the marketing, eCommerce, and retail teams to communicate product information, and will monitor fit and quality feedback from customers/retailers and implementing changes to fits if necessary.

The successful Senior Product Developer will have experience reporting on supplier performance and hit rates at the end of each season, and developing and implementing continuous improvement plans.

The talent we seek will have outstanding technical garment expertise, including construction, pattern making, fit, fabric and colour knowledge.

They will have high-level systems proficiencies across the Adobe suite and CAD programs, through which they will be able to create thorough and detailed technical development packs for new seasonal ranges, including the bill of material, specification sheets and construction guidelines.

They will be able to clearly communicate to suppliers on new developments, problem solving/concerns and communicating clear timelines and costing expectations.

They will have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar role, and a broad range of experience in multiple product categories, i.e.: Knitwear, kidswear, denim etc.

Our ideal talent will have an exceptional eye for detail, possess strong problem-solving skills, be able to work in a fast-paced environment, and will thrive in a culture of process improvement.

They will also have an appreciation for movements in minimalist style, fashion, design, and architecture, and have a natural creative leaning towards minimalist style.


Sydney, Australia


To confidentially explore this opportunity, please reach out to Angela and the UMENCO team at