Stock Controller

Brand Story

This youthful Australian fashion brand champions an international outlook and relaxed aesthetic, with an offering spanning wearable classic and trend driven pieces for resort, occasion and every day.

Role Overview

UMENCO is recruiting a Stock Controller for an Australian fashion brand that creates effortless, style-driven womenswear.

In this pivotal role, the Stock Controller will be accountable for understanding the business’ stock movements and reviewing/implementing best practices to ensure the integrity of the brand’s stock. They will control the business’ ERP system and consistently ensure that stock quantities in the ERP system are aligned to all 3PL providers.

In undertaking their duties, the Stock Controller will ensure that all procedures are followed in CIN7 and related portals for all major and specialty customers, and will work cross-functionally to ensure that all employees are using CIN7 with efficiency and adeptness.

Under their remit, the Stock Controller will also book and track the movement of monthly bulk shipments from China to 3PL warehouses, and will monitor wholesale orders to ensure that they are shipped and delivered in the correct windows, aligned to the critical path.

They will also be responsible for overseeing and reviewing warehouse systems, following up on discrepancies, troubleshooting issues as they arise, and managing all invoicing and returns, ensuring that they are correctly accounted for in the ERP system and related retailer portals.

The talent we seek will have a wide breadth of experience with CIN7 and competency across the Microsoft Office suite.


Sydney, Gold Coast, Australia


Are you the right person for this role? To confidentially apply, please send us a message and include your curriculum vitae.