Communications & Marketing Manager

Brand Story

This noted RTW brand is known for its universal wardrobe staples and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading contemporary retailers.

Role Overview

UMENCO is seeking an adept Communications and Marketing Manager to join the team at a leading fashion and lifestyle brand, synonymous with refined contemporary living. Grounded in a commitment to simplicity, quality, and sustainability, the label curates an array of apparel, accessories, and homeware that embodies the relaxed, coastal Australian lifestyle.

As the Communications and Marketing Manager, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping and executing dynamic strategies. We’re actively seeking a highly skilled professional with a proven track record in crafting compelling narratives, engaging diverse audiences, and driving substantial contributions to the brand’s growth and resonance. Positioned at the forefront, you will lead the development and execution of finely-tuned communication strategies, seamlessly aligning them with our brand’s essence and values, serving as the guiding force behind resonant messaging.

Within this expansive role, your responsibilities include articulating clear and consistent brand messages across diverse channels, cultivating relationships at both domestic and international levels with media outlets, influencers, and key stakeholders. Your proficiency in securing positive coverage and fostering impactful brand partnerships is integral to enhancing visibility and reputation. By ensuring alignment with the overarching brand identity, you contribute to a unified voice that authentically reflects a unique spirit.

Overseeing the creation of compelling and on-brand content for both digital and traditional channels is a central aspect of your role. Your creative flair will be showcased as you shape content for social media, the website, email campaigns, and other marketing collateral, reinforcing the brand’s distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Taking the lead in planning and executing marketing campaigns, you will seamlessly collaborate with cross-functional teams, fostering an integrated approach to brand communication. This collaborative effort ensures a cohesive alignment of communication efforts with our overarching business goals, maximising the impact of our campaigns.

Staying abreast of industry trends, market insights, and competitor activities is imperative. Your role involves identifying strategic opportunities for innovation and differentiation. Your insights will play a pivotal role in informing decision-making processes, ensuring that our brand remains at the forefront of industry dynamics, consistently adapting to the evolving landscape.

Proven experience in communications and marketing roles, preferably within the fashion or lifestyle industry. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, characterised by clarity, professionalism, and creativity. A track record of successful development and implementation of communication strategies including international brand development. Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Communications, Marketing, or a related field.


Sydney, Australia


To confidentially explore this opportunity, please reach out to the UMENCO team at [email protected].