Project You Career Coaching

A one-on-one initiative for individuals in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, Project You career coaching is a thought-provoking creative workshop that empowers you with the tools to shape your career, inspires you to maximise your potential and challenges you to gain the confidence to align your values to your work.

UMENCO’s holistic approach to HR, headhunting and career coaching has established it as Australia’s leading agency across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. With alignment of values and career empowerment at the heart of our approach, we work closely with our partners to co-create impactful people strategies and source the best talent for each individual role. We create dream teams, and respect the value that the right talent can bring to a business.

Through an annual selection process, UMENCO offers five successful designers 30 hours of HR advisory and the recruitment of two key roles over the course of a 12-month period. In lieu of payment, UMENCO invites the successful designers to make a tax-deductible donation to Giant Steps.

The following areas comprise the Project U, ME, ‘n CO services offering:

  • The recruitment of two key roles in the business.
  • A replacement guarantee  for the two roles for a period of 12-weeks commencing on the date of initial placement.
  • HR consultancy inclusive of:
      • A HR audit or review. 
      • Defining and establishing HR policies.
      • Establishing required position descriptions.
      • A holistic brand review to define an employee value proposition.
      • Supporting document dossier and templates.

A full list of UMENCO's HR consultancy services can be found here.

Choose What You Donate

UMENCO welcomes donation amounts that are decided upon solely by the client at their complete discretion. 

We do not wish to impose or suggest any financial boundaries, as we firmly believe that this diverts energy away from the fundamental focus of Project U, ME, ’n CO — being to support and champion emerging talent in our community and to advocate for Giant Steps. 

Giant Steps is a school for young people with autism and their families. Its world-class special needs education and progressive curriculum is run with limited government funding and community donations.

How to Apply

Discover below how to apply for UMENCO's Project U, ME, 'n CO.

If you would like to submit an application to Project U, ME, ‘n Co, please reach out to Angela directly at ​[email protected]

Alongside your application, please include a brand book, or website link, and your best availability for a meeting.