The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep celebrates individuals of creativity and purpose. It offers an intelligent behind-the-scenes viewpoint on the career trajectories of creatives and thought leaders in our community. We are connecting with people willing to share the challenges and the moments of grace; in addition to the successes and highlights. It is an eclectic career playbook and a series of open conversations that will offer unique access to the inspiring individuals behind the world’s leading brands.

The UMENCO team will also be sharing practical ‘how to’ guides that aim to educate and inspire those looking to obtain their dream job in fashion. Sharing our expertise, industry knowledge and personal experiences in a series of open letters, we will be discussing the current topics and issues facing the wider fashion and lifestyle business. We hope to empower our readers to choose their own adventures and to inspire courage in different touch points of their career journey.


"What has helped me, and what I keep trying to come back to, is that I only need to be liked by the people who I actually know and love and trust."

Bri Lee is a noted author, academic, and activist. Her presence in the Australian literary and publishing milieu has been nothing short of transformative. Lee’s debut memoir, Eggshell Skull, resonates as a compassionate yet haunting reflection upon the injustices experienced by survivors of assault, not only at the hands of their perpetrators but also within the Australian legal system. Here, we delve into accountability, the art of when and when not to lean into criticism, and the significance of ‘creating a space for conversation’.

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